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We are a young foundation, but at the same time people possessing extensive professional experience. We've founded Digital Creators to be able to carry out projects independent of our everyday business or scientific encounters. We strive to reach creators with the help of modern tools and enable them to participate in the digital world. On a daily basis, we carry out didactic and business activities in various places, also on our own account. The Digital Creators Foundation allows us to gather in one place the best, developed over the years, experiences at the meeting point of education, technology, and culture and to share them with the public.

Most of our activities are directed to those who teach others - both professionally and occasionally. Currently, the development of many industries and sectors of the economy and culture depends on two important factors: mastering the tools and technologies of the digital world (so as not to become a digital illiterate) and the ability to become an educator for others almost on demand (to be able to share own experience). Despite the sincere intentions of many organizations and people who work in them, this is not a simple task.

Our professional mission is to remove technological barriers for all those who have the ambitions to teach others, to create a society consciously and efficiently taking advantage of the surrounding tools. We operate especially in the field of the material heritage of Europe's culture and art, as well as methods of its preservation by means of digital techniques.

How do we carry it out? Our business consists of 4 goals:


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