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The project is aimed at institutional strengthening of NGOs in Poland. Implementation of the project will begin on May 15, 2024 and end on August 31, 2026. The project is part of the Government Program Civic Initiatives Fund for 2021-2030 (NOWEFIO).

The project is aimed at non-governmental organizations operating in various sectors (education, environmental protection, human rights, health, culture, social welfare) throughout Poland. The target group ranges from local initiatives to nationwide projects, as well as NGO managers responsible for developing the organization.

The project aims to improve management, build structures and develop resources in NGOs through the use of modern digital technologies. A key component of the project is to conduct development audits for 15 selected organizations. These audits will include a detailed analysis of technology infrastructure, digital processes, data security and digital skills of employees.

Based on the collected data, a personalized digital development map will be developed for each organization. The document will include specific recommendations for implementing digital solutions that can significantly improve the efficiency of the organization's operations. As part of the support, organizations will also receive implementation consulting to help them implement the recommendations of the development map in practice.

Training and counseling sessions, mainly aimed at NGO managers and executives, will also be an integral part of the project. During these trainings, participants will gain knowledge in the basics of digitization, digital strategy creation, change management and long-term planning. Each training course will end with a certificate confirming the improvement of participants' competencies.

The "Map of Digital Development of Organizations" project has the potential to contribute to profound systemic changes in the NGO sector in Poland. Introducing modern technologies, improving digital competence, protecting data and promoting cooperation are key aspects that can significantly increase the effectiveness of NGO activities, build public trust and support innovative social projects. As a result, NGOs will be better equipped to meet today's challenges, increasing their impact on community development and promoting civic values.

Piotr Maczuga, Digital Creators Foundation


Co-financed by the National Institute of Freedom with funds from the program
Civic Initiatives Fund 2021-2030 (NOWEFIO).