We are a young foundation, but at the same time, individuals with extensive professional experience. We have many years of experience in implementing projects, especially at the international and national levels. We have collaborated with third-sector organizations, universities, enterprises, and public administration in over 20 countries worldwide.

We established Digital Creators to carry out projects independently of our daily business and academic challenges. We strive to use modern tools to reach creators and enable their participation in the digital world. On a daily basis, we conduct educational and business activities in various places, including on our own account. The Digital Creators Foundation allows us to gather in one place the best experiences honed over the years at the intersection of education, technology, and culture, and share them with society.

We often encounter new, revolutionary technical solutions. The internet is saturated with propositions and offers, yet everything is only seemingly accessible. Educators can read about how wonderful and practical solutions like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or the ability to conduct live online training are, but when it comes to taking practical steps, they don't know where to start. The foundation was established precisely with the idea of providing opportunities for practice right from the beginning. We aim to "bridge" the gap between the world of ideas and real people.
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Most of our activities are directed towards those who teach others - both professionally and on a casual basis. Currently, the development of many industries, economic sectors, and cultural fields depends on two critical factors: mastering the tools and technologies of the digital world (to avoid becoming digitally illiterate) and the ability to become an educator for others almost on demand (to be able to share one's experience). Despite the best intentions of many organizations and the people working in them, this is not an easy task. Therefore, we try to help in various ways, which we have described in four groups:



We teach those who teach others to provide them with practical tools ready for use at any moment.

We conduct online training, workshops, and courses - our activities are based on the blended learning model and take the form of both open and closed programs, tailored to businesses. Each of us has at least 10 years of experience in adult education. We operate based on proprietary methodologies, and our scenarios and programs are always prepared with a specific audience in mind.


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Evangelizing all interested parties to raise awareness of the importance of digitally supported education:

Public speaking engagements and active participation in conferences and congresses are also within our realm. We present to both small and large groups - wherever our knowledge and experience can be of assistance. We work both individually and in pairs, taking on the roles of evangelists for the digital revolution in education and culture.


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Digital and traditional publishing activities aimed at popularizing developed methods and tools:

We write and publish in both traditional and digital formats - both as part of the Foundation's publishing activities and in other publishers' media. We also publish live in the form of online meetings, webinars, or livestreams. We are open to all forms of collaboration with publishers and media outlets.


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Active assistance across the full spectrum of designing and conducting original projects for education and culture:

Over the years, we have gathered an extensive network of contacts, best practices, and ideas. At the Foundation, we are eager to share this knowledge and assist others in managing their projects. We are also familiar with various forms of project financing from external sources, as well as various methodologies for their implementation.


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